Sunday, March 7, 2010


After much discussion, Faith has decided that she wants to go to Disney World for her Make A Wish experience.

We gave her many options, the first being Vietnam to see her friends. But, she seemed more excited when we looked through the internet and came upon Giant Teacups to ride on and the Bibbity Bobbity Boutique, where she will be transformed into any princess of her choosing.

I was praying to go back to Vietnam and give back, but was soon reminded that this is not my wish, this is Faith's wish.


I am not sure when our trip will be, possibly summer or fall, but we are SUPER DUPER EXCITED!! Everyday Faith asked to look at the princesses and the big giant ball....AKA, Epcot.

Wefound out that Disney World has a seperate 70 acre plot of ground, that is open for families of children with special medical needs just like Faith has. They can be around children, just like them,that know how it feels to be different.

This is called Give Kids The World at Disney. Although they do have a website, I have been told that the website does not do it justice.

What a blessing it is for us to go on a family trip and experience this excitement and joy with Faith and not have to think about finances and diseases.

We have invited my dad to go with us. Since my mother passed away a few months ago, life has been a struggle for him. He tries to hide it on the outside, but he too is only human. I would love to spend this time with him, together with my family. He would only have to pay for his airfare and food since our roooms will be taken care of. My airfare to Olando when I went for my training recently was only $164. I am hoping that he does go and that fares are as cheap when we book the flights.

Seven days in the land of Mickey and Minnie will be nothing short of magnificent for the seven, hopefully eight of us.


It is B E A UTIFUL outside!

Today is a sunny Sunday. I woke up bright and early because of the cool breeze, birds chirping, and the beautiful sunshine coming through.

After we have spent this awful winter in doors with loads of snow and some ice too, I am glad to have a lil sunshine and warm weather. To me, right now, anything above 14 degrees is warm!! Bring out the bikini's ladies!! Let's get our sun tan on! :)

I was, however, scared to get out of bed this morning. Why, you may ask? The frightens me! It breeds like rabbits when I am sleeping, working, sitting, name it....IT IS REPRODUCING!! ARGH says this Momma Bear!

I have nowhere to store dirty laundry as my washer and dryer are in the bathroom in a closet like space. So, laundry MUST be done every day.....usually three to four loads a day at the Rockhold house, depending on the weather.

Summer always seems to be easier on the laundry side of things as outfits are smaller, heck sometimes my I let my girls wear swimsuits alllll day long. They think I am treating them, but little do they know. I am the one who is really being treated.

It just hit me that I could do a whole week's worth of posts just about laundry. You know how in basketball games sometimes they go into an overtime? Ya, I could go into an overtime on the life of my dirty laundry.

I will save you, no worries.

Coming back from Florida and back into reality was not easy by any means.

I have determined.....and I quote, " I DO NOT LIKE REALITY!" Reality is dirty laundry, grumble grumble, cleaning...ewwwww, work (nuff said) long hours, and little sleep.

I love my job so much. I love my family even more. Life just really wears me out. And then I stop and it me? Am I just lazy? Or is life just exhausting. I decided on the latter scenario........even if I am in denial, my therapists says I can live in my own world, they like me there.

Tomorrow I have to take Faith to the ENT at Children's Mercy to see about getting her hearing fixed and determining why she continues to struggle to hear. I feel so sorry for Faith. She always seems to get the short end of the stick. She pushes on, she amazes me daily.

As my husband shared Faith's "Make A Wish" story with a gentleman at his work, the man told Bill how much our family deserved this trip of a lifetime.

Although he was being very kind, I have to disagree. We are sooooooooo not amazing and we are so unworthy of the love that has been shown to us by this kind gesture from Make A Wish.

If Faith were born from my belly, which we see her no differently this way, we would not be amazing for caring for her. We would just be parents, doing their job.

Adoption, to me is just as much of a miracle as birth. Both, orchestrated by God and amazing beyond words.

I cannot imagine my life without any of my children, all five of them. They are each so amazing in their own ways. They have different personalities, different colored eyes, they learn differently and I have a differently unique relationship with each them.

At times, I wanna pinch their little heads off, but then I take a step back and know that as a mother, I am so immensily blessed.

Well, You guesses it, we're out of towels and the dryer just buzzed!
See ya next time, same bat time, same bat channel.