Friday, February 19, 2010


Welcome! Today is the first day I have made an entry to my blog site, although, I did set this up months ago.

Oh how time flies when you're a busy momma of five!

My name is Bambi. As you have read, I am a momma of five.

My oldest son, Jacob is 15, Chevy is 13, Elijah is 10, almost 11, Faith is 8 1/2 and Gracie is 5 1/2. It's so funny how each child is so different in our house. Jacob (the oldest) is mature, kinda :). Chevy has such middle child syndrome. He is always treated unfair, he is the victim and yes he is the middle child. Elijah is....Elijah, He is very busy, active, busy....did I mention he is very busy? Faith is loving and kind. She enjoys snuggling and helping me cook. Gracie is the diva, the drama queen. Gracie is the baby and she knows it. She is sometimes snotty but, always cute.

My husband's name is Bill. Although we are just 34 and 37.....he is 37, ha, you're older than me, we have been married for 16 years, 17 this upcoming August. We got married very young because we were in LUUUUV! :) Only by the grace of God, we're still married because marriage is a job. It is not easy all the time. It takes work, practice and growing with each other through childbirth, adoption, job changes, financial issues and deaths. Thank you God for Bill!

Our three sons are biological. We were done having children when our youngest son Elijah was born. Ha, and then God laughs when I tell him our plans.

In 2005, we adopted Gracie from China at the age of 15 months. Almost exactly one year to the day later, we brought Faith home from Vietnam at the age of 5.

Both of our daughters were considered special needs, although Gracie's need was extremely minor in our book. Gracie was born with two thumbs on one hand, which since then, the extra has been surgically removed.

Faith, has more significant special needs, the biggest need we knew of at the time of her adoption. Faith has a hereditary blood disease called Beta Thalassemia Major. I know, I know, you are thinking HUH? WHAT?

I did not know what this disease was either until Faith came along and I was trying to "help her find a home: not knowing that our house was the place she would soon call home.

Basically, in a short summarized explanation Faith's body does not make enough red blood cells. This, in turn, means that she has to get blood transfusions every few weeks for life, unless Jesus decides to cure her, which I totally believe nothing is impossible for him.

We also found out in the past few months that Faith has hearing issues again. We thought this was taken care of shortly after we came home and tubes were placed in her ears. Obviously not the case cause now she seems nearly deaf again.

In the past 2 months we, with the help of many great doctors found out that Faith has reactive hypoglycemia. This can be controlled specifically with diet, hoping to prolong the onset of diabetes.

She is a trooper. She is tough, loving and she pushes ahead. She is much tougher than I would ever be if our roles were switched.

For now, we are just trying to keep our heads above water with daily life. Not because of Faith's illnesses, but just because lately, this thing we call life seems just too rough at times.

This website was designed for me, yes I am admitting to being a little bit selfish and I don't even feel bad about it!

I needed an outlet, a place to express myself and let out my emotions. As mothers, wifes, nurses, chefs, maids and so on, we try to carry the world on our backs. Well, sometimes that load gets heavy and I stumble, so here is my blog.

Follow along if you please. I welcome you, I hope we can relate to one another and maybe someday.....far off in blog land, we can become blog friends.....or not, the choice is yours. Again, this site was set up for me.

Many Blessings,