Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Jesus of a Wish

This is the hall at the Go Vap Orphanage where Faith was from the age of 2-5 years old.

As I got up to come to work this morning, I had no idea what my day would entail besides busyness. I knew after being gone for four days that home and work would be insane.

Then, the phone rang. Faith has been referred to the Make-A-Wish foundation because of her life long illness. It has been discussed with her doctor and she has been sent on to the "Wish Department."

Now, I did not know what this entailed. I thought that Faith would be one of many children with life-long illnesses that would "POSSIBLY" get a wish granted. I did not expect anything out of this phone call, but felt led to ask many more questions cause YES, that's just in my nature....!

The lady on the other end of the phone proceeds to tell me that Faith's wish granters will be matched with her in the next couple of weeks and then we will proceed with the process. what does that mean, I ask...proceed with the process?
She explains that the wish team will come to our house, get to know Faith and find out more about what her most spectacular wish would be.

Again, I ask more questions, still not quite sure of what is happening.

So, I ask...Now, does Faith's name get entered in some sort of drawing and if her name is drawn them she will "MAYBE" get to continue with the process and "POSSIBLY" receive her wish.

NO, she says.....It has already been determined that Faith will be GRANTED HER WISH! Huh?? I can feel my chin quiver as I am sure that I heard her wrong.

I said.....Im confused.....Faith is going to get her wish??? I dont understand. Yes, Faith will get her wish!

She will be able to have the wish that she desires and then a possibly secondary wish just so that we have a back up plan.

What? No pot? No drawing? Nothing random? Nope, she says...FAITH WILL GET HER WISH!

I said...but what,,,,does one parent get to go with her?

No, she says, this is what we pay for when a wish is granted:

Hotel for wish child, all siblings, and their parents
airfare for wish child, all siblings and parents
money for souvenirs for all children in the family
money for food for everyone in the family while traveling
If child chooses to go to Disney World, all park passes are paid for, for the entire family.

Again...I say WHAT?? NO WAY!! GET OUT!! Yes, she says, for seven days your child and your family will get to forget about being sick, getting treatment and also about financial struggles.

I am speechless. Words escape me as I stand in awe of what a gift our Father has granted us.

So, yes, If Faith chooses, we will be going to Vietnam, to take her friends blankets, to hopefully meet her biologically family and to soak up her heritage.

If she chooses to go to Disney World, well then, you will see me in a cute lil set of ears in 6 months or so.

Again, words escape me. Our family can not even afford to go to Branson for a long weekend with all seven of us.

Then God said.....Wait, watch ME, SHOW OFF...for YOU! He makes all our wildest dreams come true.

What more do I say?
Now, do you believe in Jesus?