Friday, March 19, 2010

Today is Friday.

That in itself makes me




Normal day......whatever "normal" is. HA!
Work, early dismissal from school, lunch at Chinese, then a nap. Still trying to get over this nastiness of pneumonia.

When I left work/school today I was irritated.....alot. There is a parent who has kids at the school where I work. She drives me CrAzY! She is one of "those" people. You know, the kind that drives you crazy, is high maintenance, always the victim, and ALWAYS expects more than what you have energy to give. Yep, THAT'S HER!

So, again we dismissed early from school and she NEVER EVER EVER picks up her kids on time. Now, let me say that this parent isn't just 10 minutes late. She is 30 minutes, 45 minutes or an hour late on a normal day.

Now, let me also say that I understand being late. Ask my friend Kim or my husband, I am ALWAYS late....haven't figured out why yet, I just am. Now, at this stage in the game, I almost hate to break my pattern.

I was even late to my own mother's funeral. I wish I were kidding. I guess I figured she wasn't going anywhere nor would she care if I was late, so I was....late that is.

Thirty minutes after school dismisses, the Mom finally calls. She is irritated with the school, wants to know why we are dismissing early AGAIN???

I don't know, SERIOUSLY! Just get here so I can go eat some crab rangoon for Pete's sake. Truly, this whole getting out of school at a certain time is not new. It seems we dismiss every day, she just can't seem to remember what time!! Grrrrrrrr!

Another crazy day in the neighborhood.I feel kinda cranky today but, I'm sure you are not getting that vibe. :0

It was such a beautiful day outside. 65 degrees I think. Tomorrow, it's supposed to snow 3-6 inches in Missouri. Huh??

I am so tired of snow but, am so thankful for the beautiful day God gave us today. Hopefully, we will have more sunshiney days soon.

I feel like I should add a "gadget" to the side of my blog called "Elijah's bright ideas."

Two days ago Elijah shaved off his eyebrows. Today, instead of giving the dogs water in their water dish, he chose to give them diet coke. Not sure if they looked like they needed extra refreshing or what. I would say that he never could surprise me, but then he just may prove me wrong, so I won't say that. He is almost eleven, maybe he will grow out of this soon.

One could only hope.