Thursday, July 22, 2010

I heart you Florida!

Dear Friends,

We made it to Florida for Faith's Make-A-Wish trip safely, all eight of us.
I cannot even explain the magnitude of the things that the Make-A-Wish people do to make this the best trip ever....and we have just begun. I hear there are mannnnnny more suprises in store for us during the next seven days.

I thought I would never get Elijah to go to sleep last night. OH MY GOSH! It was after midnight when I finally was able to close my eyes. Let's just say that 3:50 a.m. came waaaaaaaaaaaaay too early this morning.

We were out of the hotel room by 5:00 a.m. and off to the airport shortly after that.

Fast forward a few hours later to our arrival in Orlando Florida, the state of SUNSHINE!
We were greeted by Olivia, our Give Kids The World Village Volunteer. If you are not familiar with Give Kids The World Village, please see yesterday's post for more in depth info.

Olivia was kind and so helpful and was full of useful information about the village.

We got our rental van, which everyone is in agreeance that it smells like shaving, that's a good thing, and headed about 20 miles to get to our village.

Now, let me just remind you that EVERYTHING, yes, ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING, at GKTW is FREE FREE FREE!! From meals, to unlimited ice cream, to stuffed Mickey Mouse dolls, to snacks, Tide for the washer and dryer, sunscreen, treats for all kids, unlimited arcade games, a theater, a horse corrall, a fishing pond, a train station, really, I could go on for hours. FREE, FREE, FREE!

There are 2 pools here. One pool is calm and for relaxation purposes. Ya, I probably will just smile and wave as we walk past that!
The other pool is STINKIN AWESOME!!! Swirly things, water spraying, shooting water out of bright colored spray hoses.....Getting ready to head there now! You gotta see it to believe it!

There is not enough blog space to mention every detail but, this place ROCKS!!

The village we are staying at has 110 houses. We have a Double House because there is 8 of us. We have the following things in our double house:

4 bathrooms
4 bedrooms
4 twin beds
2 king beds
2 other beds
2 living rooms
2 dining rooms
2 stoves
2 frigers
2 washers and 2 dryers...because Jesus loves me, this I know!!! EEKS!!
2 front porches with chairs to rock in and relax on

This place is bigger than my own home in Missouri...NO KIDDING!

Tomorrow is my 35th birthday and my dad's 58th birthday. Yes, I am the birthday gift that kept on taking after all these
We will be headed to Magic Kingdom tomorrow. What a great way to share our birthdays this year! I can't imagine it any better than Disney style!

Faith has a special reservation tomorrow morning to meet MUCHO PrincessessO! We have been given a special button so that all parking and stroller or buggy fees are FREE at all parks! Way cool!

Again, I'm a little gitty!

The houses here, check out the pic, look like something off of the movie The Cat in The Hat! They are brightly colored, funny shaped, and have a rabbit on each mailbox to greet you. Funny thing is, in my head, if I were gonna dream up a house that fit my personality......THIS PLACE HAS ME PEGGED TO A TEE!! Honey, I'm home!!!

Oops, I forgot to mention that Faith and I got to board the plane first, YES< before anyone else because I told them we were with Make-A-Wish!! The rest of the crew boarded shortly after and we all set together! VERY COOL SOUTHWEST AIRLINES.....VERY COOL!

I am about to hyperventilate, so I better end this post.
Off to eat as much ice-cream as we want.....for the second time today already!!

Until next time,