Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The past few weeks have been a whirlwind. We started making cheesecakes, cookies, cakes, and other baked goods in an effort to raise the $6,000 Kim and I need to travel to Uganda.

The amount of funds we needed to raise scared me.....ok, let's be honest, it engulfed me.

How could we do it? Where would the money come from? The list went on and on.

We posted on Facebook (yes FB, thanks for the FREE advertising)that we were selling baked goods. My inbox and wall lit up with people wanting to place their treat order.

We have now made over 60 cheesecakes, 12 dozen brownies, and too many cookies to even count.

Then, Nana (We LOVE you Nana!) said that she would make home-made girly dresses and give back all the payments received to our trip. The dress orders too, came flying in.......and in,,,,,,and in.... Oh Nana, what have you gotten yourself into?

Now, we are approximately $1,000 from reaching our $6,000 goal. I cannot even believe it!!!!

We have now made a new goal which is to raise more money than we need so that we can buy food and shoes for orphans while we're there. Many children in Uganda have never even owned a pair of shoes. Can you imagine? Take a look in your closet and count the number of pairs you have. I know I have way more than I need. Can you imagine NEVER having a single, solitary pair of shoes to wear??

Can we imagine sitting on the dirt floor, in a mud hut, eating the little amount of food we have, with our hands? No utensils are fancy place settings, not even a kitchen table to put those things on if they had them.

I'm sitting at my desk. I have a diet coke, a bag of twizzlers, and a slice of pizza in front of me. A candle is burning, vanilla spiced creme is the scent. It's warm here next to my heater. This is quite cozy.

Yet, half way around the world, the scene is different. In fact, it is the total opposite.

What if the lil guy above was yours??? Would you do everything in your power to save him??

I know I would.....I have been down that road three or four times, yes I counted correctly. So so hard it is to have your child half way across the world and another government, another piece of paper work says....JUST WAIT! Wait they say?? How does one do that??

Waiting is not something I'm good at, nor have I ever claimed to be. Not a good waiter to say the least.

And here I am again......waiting. We have 4 weeks until we leave for Uganda. I never thought I would be going to Africa......never! It's just so funny how we plan our lives and then God sets the stage for what He has planned for our lives.

And people call us crazy, ask why we're going to feed other countries when there are hungry people in America, they sometimes ridicule our crazy antics. I have heard so many times lately, "I could never do that!"

I promise, I am the farthest from what most would consider to be a strong person. Most days I whine just because I must remove the covers and get out of bed.

You could do it....................adopt...........mission work..............pray for God's forgotten treasures......Yep, I know you could.

I learned long ago that God does NOT call the equipped, He equips the called!!

Yep, Remember David and Goliath? As far as I remember, David wasn't a stout, muscley young man......but, God equipped him.

My heart has so many fears about going to Uganda.

I'm terrified of not being able to do enough. Two weeks really isn't that long at all. I often dream lately that I am being dragged onto a plane back to America. I don't want to leave and I keep saying, "But, my job isn't done yet.....I can't leave!"

What if that is truly what happens?

I have already contemplated how I could smuggle a few orphans back into the land of the free and the home of the brave.

No, I'm not could I be? I truly have plotted out the whole scene.

Two babies or small children will fit in my large duffel bag. Everything goes off without a hitch until they put my duffel bag (orphans inside) through the x-ray machine. Cuz you know those dang machines would show bones!!!!UGHHHHHH! I haven't figured that part out yet and at this point, I'm even willing to show some cleavage if they let me bypass that machine with just a few of God's forgotten treasures.

Yes, Listen.....IN THE NAME OF JESUS........TO SAVE ORPHANS I would show cleavage!

Please pray for us as we grow closer to leaving on this adventure that God has planned for us.

We are so close to our goal.................and we pray we surpass that goal.

The other day Kim posted on her facebook wall: "God is so good and Merciful. He knows our needs before we need them and to see him fulfill them is such a Blessing. I am humbled." Oh how truthful is that statement!!

So happy you have decided to join us in this crazy thing we call life. Please continue to pray for us as we prepare for the adventure of a lifetime.

Below is a map from Missouri to Kampala, Uganda. Not that far to travel right????

Many Blessings,