Sunday, June 13, 2010

MUST Simplify

Hello friends and strangers too who are wondering how the heck they stumbled upon our families blog!

Linny, over at a Place Called Simplicity has been talking about ways to simplify your life with kids, HUNTing for items, you name it, she is covering it. She sooooooooooooooooooooo has it together more than I. Go check out Linny's blog at YOU WILL LOVE IT!

We recently decided to "Simplify" by adding TWO, count em, TWO, giant dry erase white boards to our kitchen.

One, specifically is mine. I told the 5 kiddos, if they even get close to MY board, they truly are risking their lives! LOL

On this board I have the days of the week for an entire month. Two days before the end of the month, we switch and start for the next month.

I have dr's appt cards magnetized on the dates so that, with a glance, I can see when the next doctor visit is for Faith or anyone of her siblings. Elijah goes to counseling and Chevy sees the orthodontist so the appointments are endless at our house!! Whehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

I also have my meal plan on MY board. I do this a month in advance and OMG it helps me soooo soooo much!

So, let's say I am leaving for work, the kids are fighting, the youngest has spray painted some art in the middle of the living room floor, (I know Elijah, the devil made you do it! wink wink) and you remember, DANG, in 8 hours, were gonna have to eat..AGAIN. I glance at the date, see that hamburgers are on the menu and BAM.....grab some hamburger out of the freezer.

Then, I chuck, yes, I like that term, it across the room so that it lands in the sink to unthaw while were gone. When I come home at the end of the day, I make hamburger patties and were off.....on our next adventure.

Let me tell you that at times, I am at work and dont get a chance to eat....not because I want to..HEAVENS NO! I never have understood skinny people that say they FORGET to eat. Ya, uh huh, size 2 lady, that never happens to me!

But, anyways, by the time I get home at night, the natives are VVVVVVERY restless and want to eat, especially Faith with her diet and health issues.

They are cranky, I am cranky, the homework papers are flying......this helps our family so much. We truly have cut down on some chaos.

I have another tip to SIMPLIFY things for a family of any size, not just a family of 8 like us. Stick around, sign in, become a friend and follow our blog, you will see whats up my sleeve.

MMMMuuuuuuhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (evil, ornery laugh)

By the way, here's my disclaimer, we are not always pretty, perky, shiny, and smell good, but, We always are Honest, True, and love each other. I DID NOT SAY LIKE!! DO NOT QUOTE THAT!! I SAID LOVE!!! :)

See ya soon,
crazy momma of 6