Thursday, December 29, 2011

Where has the time gone?

To say that I am behind on blogging is a HUGE understatement.

Our team traveled to Uganda in April of 2011. It is now the end of December and I have yet to tell about all of the story.

The many things that we witnessed were life-changing......but those words don't even do the surroundings we saw justice. I have no words for what we gazed upon.

I will come back (pinky promise) to tell more about the African adventures but, for now, am on a SPECIFIC MISSION!! While in Uganda I found that many women had been given the chance at a real job. They had left what they knew which was a life of prostitution.

They had been schooled in a new trade. A trade that would feed their children,keep them clothed, and bring them closer to feeling like they are worthy of the breath that they breathe.

They now make jewelry....beautiful jewelry. Their specialty is making paper bead necklaces. They literally find old newspapers, sit for hours and roll tiny pieces of them into beads, then cover them in a laquer to keep them secured.

One necklace takes many hours to make. Yet, these women are simply trying to feed and clothe the children that they birthed into a world of little opportunities.

One may say, "Why don't these women practice safe sex or simply be abstinant?"

Did I mention many of these women are babies themselves? Many still in their teens have been impregnated due to rape or incest. Yes, many have had to carry their uncles or father's child. They have not "CHOSEN" to have children. They have literally, not been given a choice.

CAN YOU IMAGINE? We are so quick to pass judgement as to how some people should lead their lives. We are quick to give advice or suggestions; yet when we are given all the details......we become silent.

The brokenness that surrounds these women must seem too heavy for them most days.

We have been given an amazing opportunity.

My friend, Lutaaya, recently came to America. One of his sponsors and partners of African Hearts Boy's School brought him to the U.S. to have him tell others about the need in Uganda and what he is doing to help make a change in the lives of the people of Uganda. If you would like to know more about African Hearts, click on this link to take you directly to their website.

Guess what he brought with him when he came????? YOU GUESSED IT!!! PAPER BEAD NECKLACES!

My sister Kim and I were excited to get our hands on these. We know, even though we are thousands of miles away, we need to be COMMITED to making a difference in the lives of these people.

We have decided to SPREAD THE WORD through one of the most widely known social media networks around. You got it, FACEBOOK!

We pray that anyone who reads this will choose to -----share---- with a friend or possibly 1,000 friends.

It is NOT our job to sit back and enjoy our comfy livs as people on the other side of the world are literally STARVING TO DEATH! They drink from the same water they bathe in. They are skinny, starving, homeless,sick, dying, orphaned, unloved, abused, hurting,and they are longing to be rescued, fed, loved, well, and simple live. SIMPLY LIVE.

They are a happy people, which truly took me back. They have nothing....N-O-T-H-I-N-G!!! They are lucky to sleep on cardboard, yet are some of the most grateful, happiest people I have ever encountered.

I surely could take a lesson from them. We all could....and should.

I know many have not been to Uganda, and that's okay. I hadn't either until a few short months ago. I ask that you trust me when I say the need there is overwhelming. The need is BIG....HUGE! But, God is BIGGER tha their need. He has blessed us in ways that soome can never imagine. Even if you think you have litle that you can give or do, your little would mean so much to a child that may likely die from malaria or starvation.

We must do!!!

My sister and I have possibly 250 paper bead necklaces. The colors are remarkable. To find out that the beads had been made of paper after seeing these crations, we were blown away. Surely, I thought, they were teasing me. But, no.....all jokes aside......paper. Yet, their beauty is breath taking.

We were told by our friend that he would leave as many strands of paper beads with s to sell as we wanted. Our response you ask?? GIVE US ALL OF THEM!!! Surely we can tell your story, their story, and people will want to give. Also, in return each will have a beautiful necklace to cherish too.

The pictures truly don't do them justice. They are GORGEOUS!!!

We have decided to sell these necklaces and then send our friend the money we make, via paypal. We are NOT keeping ANY portion of the funds received from the necklace sales for ourselves or any other purpose. ALL MONIES DONATED WILL BE SENT TO UGANDA, TO OUR FRIEND, TO FEED THE STARVING CHILDREN of the streets.

No ifs ands, or buts, we simply want to be God's hands and feet. We feel blessed to even remotely be a part of His plan.

If you live in another state, we will ship any necklaces you order. If you live close, we promise to deliver. If you choose to simply donate to this very worthy cause, WE THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!!

The pictures that you see on this page are not photoshopped or perfected in any way. These people are NOT actors. The pictures are ones that were taken while we were in Uganda.

I pray you will find yourselves wanting to do more to help a people that are destitute.

Please join us a we work to help feed and love on the people of Uganda.
Your efforts will not go unnoticed. God will surely bless you.

Please email or send money via paypal to:

Thank you for partnering with us.
Many Blessings to come,