Sunday, March 28, 2010

I will praise you, no matter what.

Today I ask that anyone who happens upon this page would take a moment to say a prayer for a childhood friend of mine named Tricia.

Two weeks ago, Tricia's father had a heart attack, which was followed by a stroke. The doctors gave him no hope as he lay there unable to communicate with the loved ones that gathered around his bedside.

Today, Tricia's dad, went home to be with Jesus. There were no brief moments of consciousness to say their final, I love you's or to convey their words of admiration or appreciation. This is a tough battle all by itself as many of us have experienced death first hand and have wished for the wouldas, shouldas, and couldas to disappear from our moments of desperate thought.

To say that death is not easy, is an understatement. We do not always understand God's plans.

God's "BEST" plan is not always easy for our hearts to handle.

I ask that you pray for Tricia and her family. I ask that you pray that she is able to "Praise God in this Storm" even though this will be extremely difficult.

My heart aches for her as she goes through this process we call grief. It is not a process labeled by time and at times, it may seem like the hurt and pain will never subside for her, as well as her mother.

I have cried out to God and asked him to wrap his loving arms around this family while they mourn the loss of their father, husband, uncle, brother, grandpa, and friend.

Please join with me in sending this friend's name up to Jesus. Only He can comfort them.

Praying for God to send comfort and peace in a time when it is needed most.