Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I cannot even begin to tell you the excitement that God has put in my heart to go and serve a people that I know little about.

I would compare this with both of our adoption adventures. People asked, Why China? Why Vietnam?

My reply....because that's where my children are. That's where God told us to go.

God whispered just a few simple word to my heart, Go,Love, Do!

My heart and soul is preparing for my next adventure, in Uganda.

It's so funny because once God showed me His plan for this missions trip, I was asked.....How can you get off of work for 2 weeks? How will your husband care for your children all alone while you are gone? How will you___________?????

God told me to go......I knew the details would work themselves out and they have.

I have known for quite awhile that 'this place" is NOT my home. I live in America but, I do not feel at home.

Where is my home you might ask? Well, I am not sure yet. China? Vietnam? Uganda? Korea? I don't know but, I do know that in God's timing, this will one day be revealed to me.

To say that God has asked me to TRUST Him lately is an understatement.

He has asked, nudged, pushed me to get rid of my "stuff." Not all materialistic "stuff" because some is emotional, mental, physical. This task that I am undertaking is not easy. It's HARD work, but if it was wouldn't mean as much.

God asked me recently to give up something that is so very dear to my heart. I cannot exactly tell you what this is yet, as God is still whispering to me regarding this treasure.But, I know He asked to me because I plainly said, "Well, I could NEVER do that, Wow, this person did "this" but not me God, Wow, that would take HUGE faith, Glad God didn't ask me to do anything CRAZY like that."







I thought maybe God dialed incorrectly. You know....OOPS, wrong number! Yep, not so much!

God has the digits to our hearts and he speaks words that only we can understand, comprehend, and take in.

For the first time in my life God has asked me to fast. Not an easy fast like, "OK GOD, I will give up LIVER...., but just for YOU"...wink wink!

It something that I like....ALOT, but God said, refrain, and I have, only with His help.

Spiritual fasting is not just about giving up food or other items, but it is about feeding the spirit through our obedience to God.

Joel 2:12 ". . . turn ye even to me with all your heart, and with fasting, and
with weeping, and with mourning."

More to tell later.