Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A visit to Chicago

For the past few days Faith and I have been in Chicago visiting the Children's Memorial Hospital for some testing due to her Thalassemia.

I cannot even begin to say what a blessing this trip has been. We were the receipients of an Angel Flight, have been staying at the Ronald McDonald House, and all around, this has been like a mini vacation. Say it with me now....Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

I miss my kiddos and my hubby. Other than that, I would really rather be here. I LOVE CHICAGO!!

Now, if you know me, this is the part where I get very excited and start talking so fast that you only hear about every other word.

If you do not know me.....read the next part of my entry...REALLY REALLY FAST!


I have ridden in a smelly taxi, where the air conditioning made its way to the back seat by a long vacumee tube looking thing. I went past The Coach store,( Ya, uh huh, smile & wave, smile & wave!)Bloomingdale's, waved to Neiman Marcus....HEYYYYYYYY Marcity Marc!
I went to Giordanos pizza place for some FABULOUSO deep dish Chicago pizza. Even on a budget, I found a way to buy pizza for two! YEEHAW COWBOY!

I went to Garrett's popcorn GLEEMED from ear to ear. This is the popcorn place that Oprah put on her top 10 Christmas list a few years ago. I don't care about Oprah....But LOVE Christmas cause I'm just a kid at heart. I have always wanted to go there, just cause......just cause!

So, I went there, stood in line and got some caramel and Peekan covered popcorn! YUMM-O! Paula Dean,(AKA Stephanie Crawford) I thought of you girl! Oh, how I wished you would have been there with me. One employee's job was to wipe down the inside of the popcorn bins that were covered with butter, cheese sauce, and caramel with a washcloth.

I so wanted to knock him outta the way and say,,,,,"STEP BACK.....I got it.....and then I could proceed with climbing my fatt butt in the bins and just lick them clean.

I got to see the meter police, passing out tickets like I have seen on tv. I passed a trumpet player who was playing for money. We dropped some quarters into his bucket, which made my heart happy. Yes, he could have owned a BMW from his earnings, I don't care....don't burst my bubble....I was in a zone....in a zone!

Everyone in Chicago walks, runs, bikes, jogs,,,,,you name it, they move and jazzersize it! Wheh, Girl I was tired just watching em sweat! Made me wanna eat a brownie....ummmmm hmmmmm...fo sho!

Faith and I walked to the Lincoln Park Zoo. It was so beautiful! We walked around for a few hours at our leisure which was so nice....and FREE...O YA! We saw giraffes,birds,a polar bear with an itchy butt, (yes, he was scratching)hippos,rhinos,lemurs,an anteater, HUGE Cockroaches GAG ME, ostriches....the list goes on and on and on.

There is a beach here and is so beautiful, but we did not make it there to visit upclose and personally.

I did find that many, okay.....more like...MANY women held hands, which struck me as odd. I saw this quite frequently. Now, in China 2 friends will do this. We saw this constantly there. Here, I am not sure if everyone is very GAY....FREE....or just real close with their friends.


The dogs here are BIG...not just BIG, but like GIRRRRL, YOU GOT JUNK IN YO TRUNK KINDA BIG, Popeye delivered spinach for lunch, and dinner was prepared by BLACK ANGUS and Co & breakfast was WHEATIES..SUPER SIZE POOCHES!!

Welcome to Pets R Us....May I BIGGIE size my labradoodle today pleaseeeee? Oh my Goshhhhhhh!AAAWWWWOOOOGGGGGGAAAAA (AWOOGA!!)

I truly would move here. I told Bill just yesterday, sign me up, pack the house.....let's G-O! He was not a fan of the idea, but hey, I like to be flexible!

The people, the sights, the food, the people, the attractions, the food, the tall, ornate buidlings, the endless list of things I could do with my kids and never get bored, the food....did I mention that Chicago food rocks? No wonder everyone is ty-bo-ing it down the street. They just ate a whole Giordanno's stuffed crust pizza, followed by some of Molly's Cupcakes, followed by a 10 mile Chicago bike ride.

I must run now, but will post more later. I have eaten so much caramel,PeeKan popcorn that I'm about to heeavvee hoooo.

To Be Continued,