Friday, May 28, 2010

New Life

It's 12:25 a.m. on a Friday and I find myself unable to sleep.

Today has been very eventful with constant motion and I need a minute to catch my breath and get some down time.

We had 3 appointments at the Children's Hospital today for Faith: hearing aid check up, blood transfusion, and echo of the heart. It was a full day.

Then, we were off to purchase some pocketbook friendly paint for Amber's and the two Asian princesse's rooms.

When all is done, it will look cute, and I will nap.....It is good to dream right?

Currently, I have 2 teenagers that are painted as blue as a smurf. Yes, they got a lil out of hand with the painting project.

We are trying to decorate Amber a room so she has a space to call her own, she deserves to have that.

She chose to paint her room (aka the added on small sun room) sky blue. She will have chocolate brown and sky blue for the colors. We bought adhesive wall polka dots tonight in those colors..>>SOOOOOPA CUTE!

I have to say with 4 bedrooms in our house, 6 children, (nearly half being teenagers EEKS!)and all being males and females mixed, we have had to be creative with the living/sleeping arrangements.

Amber (17) sleeps with Faith (8) in her room. Jacob (15) sleeps upstairs. Chevy (13) sleeps on the couch even though he has a bed....hmmmmmm.Ya, I still haven't figured that one out yet/

Elijah (11) sleeps on a full bed in the living room. That's the only thing he wanted that belonged to my mother when she passed away. Seriously, I was thinking he would choose a coffee mug, a small photo, a blanket that smelled like her house....NOT A STINKIN BIG OLE FULL SIZE BED!! UGH, Bless his sweet little ole heart! :O So, I grit my teeth, hug him for being the sweet boy that he is,(at times) and move on with a full size bed in my living room.

Gracie,(5) the diva, who also informed me last night that she did NOT love my nose, because she was mad at me, sleeps with us in our room. Oh how how we have fought to remove her, but she has gotten sneaky and is quiet as a mouse in the middle of the night when she usually decides to join us.

Sex life???? What the heck is that?

Remember 1/2 our kids are adopted, so they didn't come by the good ole fashion way at our house. Can I get an AMEN on the non existent sex lives PLEASE????

I have to say that summer is here and that is nice. I love summer, hate winter!!!! BURRRRR!!

I do however, feel so inadequate lately. I cart my children around, from place to place. Sometimes my life seems lived to be mostly lived in a car. Lol! I feel like I cant catch my breath and I hate that feeling.
Just thinking about the summer does make me anxious. I wish I could control this unruly feeling.

Summer plans 2010:

Faith blood transfusions every 2 1/2 to 3 weeks

Faith endocrin appts for her reactive hypoglycemia

Take Amber to Columbia for the orthopedic dr consult for surgery on her rt knee.
Get through surgery and recovery with Amber. She is tough and will do great!
She has had a torn ACL for 4 years....NICE HUH!?

Fly to Chicago in June for 3 days with Faith to visit the Comprehensive Care Clinic for Thalassemia patients

Babysit 3 lil boys, 2 days a week

Elijah, counseling

Gracie, see dermatologist

Chevy, see the orthodontist a few times

Hopefully...crossing my fingers, get Faith approved for Medicaid for Disabled children so that they will pick up the remaining portion of her medical bills, co-pays, and prescriptions.

Have a few menstrual cycles, cause that always brightens my day, week, month! :)

Today, we had dr's appointments at 9:30, 10:30, and 2:00 for Faith. We headed home around 3:30, stopped and got paint. While getting paint I had two separate people call. One said, I need you here at 5:00, one said I need you here at 5:30. Let's just say being 4:53 pm and being 35 minutes away from my destination, it was highly unlikely that I would arrive at either place on time. Oh well, life goes on.

If you have read my journal before, you will already know that I was late to my own mother's funeral, and the world never stopped.

I know I am being a whiner today................please no snotty comments, but man I am whipped.

Have you ever seen the newest movie, "Cheaper By The Dozen?" Ya, that's our life, lol.

We truly should make money being a reality tv show. I bet people would laugh at the things that happen around here, like Elijah shaving off his eyebrows, and the many other things that seem to occur on a daily basis. lol

I would ask a special prayer for my girl Amber tonight and for my bestie, Kim. Amber is struggling with some very personal battles that only God can help her get through. She deserves to be loved unconditional, for ever and ever, and I am not sure she feels that she is deserving of this. Please pray that God will cuddle her and reassure her of all the misconceptions she has of herself. She is a beautiful, brown princess and we cherish the fact that she is now one of us.

Also, please pray that God will provide the simple things that she needs to feel like she fits in here. We cannot provide her with a coooosh room and a big fancy bed. We can provide her though with a warm bed, 5 crazy brothers and sisters, and oodles of endless love, no strings attached.

She is 17 and needs her own space. We are trying to decorate her space so that she feels happy and safe. We are also on a strict budget that has lil room for stretching. Please pray that God provides everything we need to care for her and everything she needs to feel like she is a Rockhold.

Also, my friend Kim is being induced Tuesday morning, bright and early if she does not go in to labor earlier with their newest blessing, baby Bennett.

Without giving details, I know that God "planted" Bennett at the time when Brad and Kim were in need of healing and the promise of "new life."
Please pray that the labor and delivery goes smoothly and will be low on the pain totem pole.

I was invited to be there, with her during labor. To me, this is one of the highest honors one could ever be asked to witness and take part in. I love her like I have known her forever, even though it's just been a few short years since we met.

When I get sad, I wanna run to her house. When I'm mad, I wanna call her and vent. When I am craving salty junk food, I get in my car, Doritos in tow, so we can share. She is closer than blood to me and I her more than words, if ya couldn't tell.

I feel like through the hustle and bustle of my everyday tasks, God has asked me to STOP, and see that only He can bring a "NEW LIFE" for Amber, Kim and Brad, myself, and many others.

I am thankful for that whisper in my ear today.

As you end your day with blue kid's toothpaste on your shirt, (Hey, we match!)smeared mascara, and aching feet, may you feel the promise of "NEW LIFE!"

Lovin you oodles,