Sunday, April 10, 2011


Yes, you read that correctly!! IT'S A BOY!!! Actually, it's three boys. They are beautiful African boys and I am now their momma.

They are......oh wait, let's not get into that just yet. Let me tell you how the day began. Come on, it'll be worth it! Please stay with me and trust me on this one. Ok?!

Our day began with a visit to Ssangu Babies Home. One baby is new. She just came back to the babies home yesterday after a stay in the hospital. Her name is Arrianna and she is one of the most tiny treasures I have ever seen. She may weigh 5 pounds.....on a good day. No,seriously. She is so itty bitty. She has a head full of black curly hair. Her skin hangs from her almost pencil sized arms.I am able to count every one of her ribs and her spine is protruding from lack of baby fat that would normally be present. I see no baby rolls as I gaze upon her tiny round belly from being fed well.

My heart cries out for her. Ohhhhh Arrianna, Jesus loves you! He truly does!

I hear people say.....Why do you want, need more children Bambi? Why do you travel to foreign lands? What for? I heard something shortly before departing for Uganda that quite disturbed me.

Why are you going to Uganda to take care of other people's children? You have your own five at home that need you.

I tell you that God does not want us to be SIT STILL people. He has not asked me to stay and watch but has said Listen......GO!

My children are at home. They have cell phones and fresh smelling clothes. Each plays on a computer some time throughout the day and asks, "Mom, what's for dinner?"

Children in Uganda have no home. They do not have cell phones or clothes, let alone clean ones. No Mom. No dinner. Kinda puts things into persepective doesn't it?

I would highly suggest for any person, no matter the age, to take a mission's trip. Go somewhere, anywhere. Don't be scared. Don't hesitate even though I know at times we cannot help ourselves. The thought of stepping outside of our comfort zones can be debilitating.

When God asked me to come to Uganda, I was FOR SURE he had dialed the wrong digits. WRONG NUMBER GOD! OOPS TRY AGAIN GOD!

But, he was insistant on where He would be sending me to love on His children. There is no love like the love of a momma and I feel honored to pour out any speck of love that I can during the short time I'm in this land.

He does also know that I have a liking for big brown eyes. OK GOD, you roped me in! Sign me up! I'm hooked!

I have no inkling why our BIG, GIANT, AWESOME God would choose me, this crazy, simple, unworthy, Missouri Momma to love on the unloved forgotten treasures of the world. I know He does not call the equipped, but He equips the called. And here am I, in Uganda, in awe of His awesomeness, unworthy of these blessings that have been bestowed upon me.

Words will never adequately describe Uganda and the people that I have come to call family in the past 7 days.

Truly, this trip has been breath taking in so many ways.
Many days are harder than the previous one. I find myself crying, my body shaking uncontrollably from the sheer depth of the emotion that I am experiencing.

Yesterday was so hard for me....devastating to be quite honest. DEVASTATING! Oh how my heart hurts, longggggggggggggs, aches to do more. More loving, more giving, more doing for these people.

Please God guide my steps as I seek to only do your will for my life.
Please keep my 3 new African sons safe and loved until I return to love on them more. They are beautiful, smart, full of potential boys.

My new son, George, he aspires to be a pastor one day. How proud this would make his Momma! Hey, THAT'S ME!! THAT'S ME!

You are going to hate me but, I must depart for now. Dinner is served and I am forced to close up shop so to speak.

I will tell you all about my new sons as soon as I can steal away for a brief moment.


I love you all!
Momma Bambi