Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Really, am I being PUNKED?

Let me give you the low down on the past few days of my life. Yes, I would like some cheese with my wine. Please bare with me while I run off on a cranky tangent.

Last week, we found out that Gracie needs her tonsils out....ok, add that to my "TO DO" list.

I took Faith to the doctor this weak and found out that she needs tonsils and adenoids removed, along with new tubes placed in her ears to hopefully help with her hearing. If this doesnt work, we will proceed to hearing aids.

Yesterday, it was very busy at work...really this is a HUGE understatement.

Two teachers were ill as well as the school cook. Just as the principal came to tell me to please keep the coffee coming, Jacob came to tell me he had dropped the coffee pot and it had shattered when I asked him to fill it up with water so I could make coffee.

OOPS.....not gonna happen!Si life goes on....coffeeless or not.

Have a greatday, no matter what!