Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thursday.....almost Friday...Thank U JESUS!

Well, it's been a long week to say the least. Our family is battling illness....yes, that's always OODLES O FUN!

I had a wisdom tooth cut out a week and a half ago and it led to a dry socket. After heading to the dentist for treatment to take me out of my misery, I headed to the doctor to find that I have pneumonia. Really?

I mean, I knew I couldn't breathe, felt like someone had hit me with a very large greyhound bus that was full to capacity with severely obese people, but pneumonia?

So, after a shot in the butt, 2 kinds of meds and a nebulizer, I was well on my way to recovery ....right? Ugh, or so the process began.

I went to work, backpack full of the nebulizer and everything. For some STUPID reason I felt like I must press on. I think it's the whole, Mom/Woman thing. We are expected to carry the world, so in turn, we try to do this no matter what the situation.

Well, Monday passed, still feel like crapola, Tuesday, no change Wednesday, which was yesterday, I collapsed. Just could not go on anymore. I left work at regular time and headed home, to bed!

My husband and two of my sons are getting ill as well, so we all tried to rest....OH, except for the little people. The little people are Elijah, 10, Faith 8, and Gracie 5.

Now, Faith is nearly deaf...really deaf as a post! We're working on getting this corrected. However, her voice is not the one I heard while trying to rest. Gracie and Elijah, I would have laid $20 bucks on the fact that they were using megaphones.
They truly have no concept of quiet, whisper, talk soft and so on. Maybe I should host a class so they can attend! :)

Needless to say, my hubby rests peacefully for 2-3 hours, me, ya not so much.
Bill gets up and decides to take over for awhile. By this time, I'm so dang frustrated, I cant sleep, but I do rest, and this is priceless.

After resting for awhile I decide to glance at the clock. Well, I got home at 4:30, collapsed and's OH MY GOSH IT'S 8:30! I have not done laundry, homework, dishes, laundry, dinner, laundry...DEAR LORD HELP ME NOW!

I had a Kit Kat bar, a few sour jelly beans, a diet coke and I was off and running.

I remembered this morning I have no clean underwear after I put on the last clean pair. WELL CRAP! So, now they mission is on...must get all this fun stuff done before bed.

Now, during the time that I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off, Elijah was whining that he didn't feel good, Chevy was whining that he didn't feel good, Faith is watching Hannah Montana at 9:30 at night when she should be in bed. It was a zoo!

So, finally I get Elijah in the bathtub. He had yet to do his homework. Good times!

Well, almost....he said MOM, I don't feel good! I understand Elijah, I dont feel good either I tell him, but you gotta keep going, do your best I tell him. BUUUUUUUUUUUUUT MMMMMMMMMMOOOOOOOOOOMM, LOOK! What am I looking at Elijah? My pee....what? My pee? Why do I want to look at your pee? It is so yellow.......SEE MOM I TOLD YOU I WAS SICK! Pee is not supposed to be that yellow MMMMMMMMOMMMM!

Well, I didn't know how to respond so I simply said, while gritting my teeth, GETINTHEBATHTUBNOW!

He proceeds to get in. This seems like a simple task that I am asking him to do. Take a bath. Just three words cant be that difficult right?

Well, anyone who knows Elijah knows that he does not do anything the easy way! He never seems to suprise us. He does things, without thinking.

Okay, that's an understatement. You know how a crazy idea pops into your head like, hey, wonder what would happen if I hit that old lady with my car while you're driving down the street?

Well, you dont do it, cause you JUST DONT DO IT! But, Elijah does.

So, he proceeds to get a bikini razor and shave off his eyebrows. Yes, you heard me right.....POOF, NOW you see em, NOW you don't! I go in to the bathroom to find him getting ready to apply my mascara to his eyebrows to fix the damage he has done.

He is upset and yelling and crying. MOMMMMM, I LOOK STUPID!! Yep, I tell him, you sure do! MMMMOOOOMM! How could you say that? Well son, you see, you shaved off your eyebrows and you look stupid, how can I explain this in a way that you will understand?

So, there goes, the story of my life, as a Mom, it is never dull or boring. We are a lively group you see.

So, Thursday it is today and I am back at work...eyebrowless kid in tow, trying just to get through the day when I feel like crapola yet again.

Lord, please give me strength. Whehhhhhhhhhhhhh!

I need a nap and some cheese for my whine!