Friday, February 26, 2010

Wheh....I'm Poo-ooo-ooo-ped!

Today is Friday, THANK YOU JESUS! I love Fridays. I told the pre-school class this morning that even if they stomped on my big toe, which I would not approve of, them doing, they could still not make me mad. ITS FRIDAY! It's harder to make me angry, sad, and impatient on Fridays. Oh, but IT CAN BE DONE! LOL

Yesterday was completely exhausting. Elijah got sent to the principal's office for back talking to his teacher and for drawing while he was supposed to be writing down answers for his social studies test study guide. He also got into trouble because he wrote S*** in his phonics book. Nice huh!?

Yes, here I am working a Christian school and here is my heathen soon using nasty words as a new form of art in his phonics book.

Elijah does have anxiety, ADHD, and OCD......says his therapist. But, I will NOT allow him to write foul language or to talk back to his teacher. NO WAY, NO HOW!

You know that little censor that tells you not to tell someone they should not put the color lime green across their wide butt? Well, that censor is missing in Elijah through his words and his actions. I love the kid and today can laugh but, yesterday was ready to crawl under the covers and cry myself to sleep.
The thoughts that have continued to run through my mind are, we are clean, we love him, I make sure he takes his medications on time, he eats a healthy breakfast every morning..I MAKE SURE OF IT....yet here we are not knowing what to do with him.

Parenting is definitely the hardest job I have ever had. It is so rewarding...the perks seem endless. But, some days, it is so hard to be a parent.

I will write more later, just needed to get that out.....for me. Ahhhh I do feel a little better.